About us

Our Vision

to raise a people that will win the lost for Christ and be ready for His return.(“..”Win the lost..Get ready..”)

Our Mission

to save and to serve

Our values


we believe and practice the art of discipleship learning continuously from the life of Christ and inspiring other through the life we live.


As a family, we thrive on mutual relationship characterized by love and teamwork. We have no prejudice for status, tribe or race.


we demonstrate leadership in all we do by taking every responsibility as service to God and maintaining transparency in our dealing with all men.

Statement of our faith

We preach Christ, His deity, His baptism, His works, His Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension; His reign,White throne judgement, the new heaven and new earth,when he shall put all enemies under his feet and shall reign eternally,and we shall abide with him forever and ever.